Heather Wright


Based in the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, I have worked as a freelance writer, copywriter and editor for companies, organizations and publishers across Canada for over ten years.

The benefits of working with an experienced freelancer are many:

  • Your web pages,  marketing material and blogs will be free from embarrassing, and potentially costly, grammar and spelling errors.
  • Your message will be designed to appeal to your specific clients and readers by someone who has done her research.
  • Your audience will read clean, jargon-free language that will engage their interest and lead to relationships that will build your business or non-profit.

My goal is to tell your story. I want to help you get your voice on the page and your clients through the door.  If you’re looking for the right words to communicate your story, I’m ready to join your team.

If you’re looking for some strategies to help you update and refresh your website content, click here for a free copy of FIVE TIPS FOR CREATING CLIENT-FRIENDLY WEBCOPY.

CONTACT ME:  heather.wright@wrightwriter.com